8 Templates For Meeting Reminder Emails You Can Use

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How to write a meeting reminder message

No-shows or low turnout at a meeting can be disappointing. You may have spent time and effort setting things up for the meeting. And proposed attendees not showing up could result in a waste of time and productivity.

What is that thing you need to do to keep your attendees aware of meetings and encourage participation? The answer: send meeting reminder emails. It’s a great way to keep your attendees abreast of meeting schedules and prevent no-shows

No one wants to feel like their effort is wasted, so it’s essential that when you set up a meeting and invite people to attend, you should subsequently send meeting reminder messages to keep attendees in the loop. 

Tired of low meeting turnouts or no-shows? In this article, we provide a solution. We’ll discuss how to write a meeting reminder email and highlight 8 templates that you can work with for different occasions.

How to write a meeting reminder message

Meeting reminders are sometimes a follow-up on meeting invite emails sent earlier or for attendees who registered for an event about the event. You can send meeting reminder emails automatically using scheduling software or manually send reminders using templates as a guide.

Whether you choose to write your meeting reminder message from scratch or use templates, there are certain elements that your email must have. Here are tips to help you write effective meeting reminder emails:

Use clear and compelling subject line

This is usually the first thing your recipient sees. This makes it a vital part of your message. To get your recipient to read your email amongst the many other emails they may receive, ensure that your subject line is compelling and attractive.

Let it be clear and straightforward, such that by merely reading the subject line, your recipient already has an idea of what the content of the email might be. You can spice things up by using witty statements, but in all you do, be brief.

Here are some examples of compelling subject lines:

  1. General Team Building Meeting - Thursday, 12pm!

  2. Marketing Role Interview Reminder

  3. Still down to grab coffee together by Friday

Be conversational in the body of your email:

It’s most likely not your first contact with the recipient, so try to be conversational. You don’t want to sound like you’re pushing your recipient around, thus write in a friendly manner. 

More importantly, be succinct and straight to the point. You don’t need to go over all the details of the meeting in many words. Aim for clarity instead of elaborating. Your meeting reminder email should be concise, addressing the 5 W’s of the meeting - when, why, who, what, and where. 

Follow a good outline:

The body of your reminder email should take the form of a typical email. 

First, build a personal connection with your salutation. Aim to be personal by addressing the recipient by their first name. For example: “Hi, David” or “Hello, Christine!”

After that, politely inform the recipient of the reason for your writing - which in this case is to remind them of a meeting. Don’t sound too formal, but friendly. Provide the details of the meeting and if it’s a virtual meeting, attach the link to join.

Finally, thank the receiver for reading your email, then sign off. You can sign off with closings such as “Regards, [your name]” and “Kind regards, [your name].”  

Automate your meeting reminder emails:

Instead of drafting emails for every participant, you can make use of automated meeting reminders. 

For instance, meeting productivity software like Airgram can help remind you and your attendees of scheduled meetings. Utilize automated meeting reminder features on other software to ensure you keep your team and meeting attendees in the know.

Send reminders at appropriate times:

The questions that are often asked are, “When should I send meeting reminder messages?” and “What is an appropriate time to send a meeting reminder?” 

Well, there are no set-in-stone rules that dictate a specific time for sending reminder emails. So, it’s up to you to use your discretion. Sending reminders a week or few days to the meeting is not a bad idea. However, don’t overdo it, there’s often a thin line between sending reminders and spamming someone. 

8 meeting reminder email templates

Now, let’s get to the crux of this discourse. I’ll walk you through meeting reminder email templates for different situations, ranging from general meeting reminders to board meeting reminders, interview reminders, interview confirmation emails, and so on. 

General meeting reminder

You have scheduled a meeting with your team or a group of people. The scheduled date is drawing near and you want to send a gentle reminder so they don’t forget about the meeting. You can choose to be brief or a little detailed in your reminder email. Here are two samples that can be used.

Short Version

Subject line: Team Meeting Coming Up!

Hi [first name]

Hope this email meets you well.

This is to remind you of our team meeting scheduled to hold by [date and time]. I hope you’re planning to attend.

Looking forward to meeting with you!

[Sign off]

Long Version

Subject line: Gentle Reminder

Hello [first name]

I believe you’re aware of the general division meeting coming up by the end of the week. We have set a time to discuss [insert topics]. The date and time still remains [date and time].

We’ll be attending this meeting at [insert venue]. Ahead of the meeting, kindly look through the meeting agenda attached below and the relevant documents that will be discussed at the meeting. 

[Meeting agenda & relevant docs]

I’m excited to meet with the entire division this week. Kindly mark your calendars so you don’t forget. If you have any questions or need clarifications, do well to reach out to me. 

[Sign off]

Board meeting reminder email

Companies, especially large ones, usually have board meetings - which is a meeting involving members of the board of directors of the company. Board members are often always busy, so if anyone needs to be reminded about a meeting, it’s them. Here’s a template you can work with to send an effective meeting reminder email to members of your company’s board.

Subject line: Board Meeting Coming Up

Hi [all] 

Welcome to a new quarter! Glad to announce that we crunched the numbers on our last sales. That’s great news for us as a company. We’re gaining some traction.

Let this be a gentle reminder of our board meeting scheduled for [date and time]. We’d be meeting in the boardroom. The agenda for the meeting is attached to this email. I urge everyone to review it before the meeting. 

Looking forward to seeing you all. Do have a lovely weekend!

[Sign off]

Interview confirmation email:

Interviews are a crucial part of a recruitment process. In organizing the interviews, recruiters often send interview invites to candidates via email. This email often requests the recipient to confirm their attendance for interview. If you’re looking to construct an email of this sort, here’s a template to guide you.

Subject line: Invitation to First Round Interview for [Role applied to]

Hello from [Company name]


We are delighted to invite you to attend an interview for [Role] at [Company name]. 

The interview will take place on [Date and time] at [Location]. Kindly reply to this email confirming your availability for the interview at the proposed time.

We have attached some tips to help you prepare for the interview. The team is looking forward to meet you!

[Sign off]

Interview reminder email:

After scheduling an interview with a candidate for a role, you can send an email subsquently to remind the candidate about the interview. Some interviewers may not deem this necessary because they believe it would be unbecoming of a job applicant to forget about an interview.

While I totally agree with this line of thought, I still believe interview reminders are not a bad idea.

Subject line: Interview Reminder!

Hi [first name]

Thank you for earlier confirming your availability for the interview with the team at [date and time]. 

Kindly take this as a gentle reminder. We are looking forward to discuss the prospect of you joining our company. 

[Sign off]

Sales demo meeting reminder:

Subject line: Get Ready for your Sales Demo!

Hi [first name]

The time for your scheduled sales demo with [Company name] is almost here. Rememeber, the demo holds on [date] by [time]. You will have the opportunity to learn a great deal about [Product]. 

We look forward to having you. Thank you!

[Sign off].

Meeting reminder to boss:

At work, you may have meetings with your boss from time to time. It may be a One-on-one meeting or Skip-level meeting, or it may be based on your request to discuss a raise or promotion. 

Whatever the nature of the meeting is, sending a meeting reminder to your boss is a good way to ensure that they don’t get carried away by other activities and forget about the meeting with you. 

Subject line: Meeting To Discuss Raise

Hello [first name]

I hope your day is going well. 

Thanks for agreeing to discuss my raise. I’d like to remind you of our meeting scheduled for [date and time], just in case you may have forgotten. 

I am really looking forward to it. 

[Sign off].

User experience interview reminder email:

You can learn about users experience with a product or service through interviews. When you set up a user experience interview, you should send a reminder email to your user. There’s usually a high chance that they might forget about the interview.

Subject line: User Exerience Interview - Gentle Reminder

Hello [user name]

I hope this email finds you well.

I sincerely appreciate you for accepting to interview with us so we can learn about your experience using our [product].

We look forward to meeting you virtually on [date and time]. I have attached the link to the meeting to this email. Kindly let me know if you have any questions. 

[Sign off]

Business meeting confirmation email:

Business meetings are rife. It typically involves all types of work-related emails. When you receive a business meeting invite, you usually have to confirm your availability. Here’s an example:

Subject line: Confirming Appointment with [input name]

Hello [first name]

I write to confirm my appointment with [input name] scheduled for [Date and time].

Please reach out to me if there are any questions or changes to the schedule. Thank you.

[Sign off]

Using automated reminders to streamline your workflow

Having to deal with lots of meetings can be a hassle. Sadly, this is the reality of the average professional. 

Meeting reminders can help prevent you from missing important meetings. Airgram has a feature that sends you reminders when your meeting is about to start. To activate it, go to the settings and check the “Notifications” panel. Tick the “Email” boxes to receive meeting reminder emails.

You can also use the auto-join feature to join your Zoom and Google Meet meetings. When it’s time for your meeting, Airgram automatically logs you into the meeting so you don’t miss out.

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