Meet Smarter with Airgram: the Best Alternative to Docket

From meeting agenda, meeting recording, real-time transcription, to note-taking, Airgram offers everything Docket has and more.

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Airgram vs Docket - feature by feature comparison



Meeting Preparation
Collaboratively develop agendas
Built-in agenda templates
Integrated with calendar
Email notifications for upcoming meetings
Meeting Recording
Video and audio recording

Capture high-quality recordings of your online and in-person meetings.

Docket doesn't have a meeting recording feature.

Auto join and record meetings

Automatically join the shceduled Zoom/GMeet/Teams calls without your presence.

Download video recording
Adjustable playback speed
Meeting Transcription
Show transcripts in real time

Live transcribe Zoom, GMeet, Teams, and in-person meetings.

Docket doesn't have a transcription feature.

Meeting video/audio file transcription
Speaker identification
Multilingual transcription
Meeting Notes
Review recurring meeting history
Collborate on meeting notes

All meeting attendees can simutaneously take meeting notes with the text-rich notepad.

Action items

Set actions items and follow up.

Add images, Gifs, bullet lists, etc.
Meeting Review
Share meeting notes

Export meeting notes and transcripts to Notion, Slack, Google Docs, and Word.

Quick search
Share a snippet of the recording

Make your meetings delightfully productive

Record, transcribe, and document Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings.

Why choose Airgram over Docket

When it comes to the integration of third-party apps, Docket has the upper hand with 10+ integration that includes well-known services like Dropbox, Evernote, Hubspot, and Asana. Then why should you choose Airgram over Docket? Below are some of the factors that may help you make the decisions.

Airgram provides better automation for Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams

With Airgram, you won’t need to worry about missing any meetings anymore. With a proper setup, an Airgram AI assistant will join the Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meeting events on your Google Calendar automatically. After the meeting hosts admit the AI Assistant to the meeting, it will start recording and transcribing the meeting for you to review later.

Airgram provides meeting recording and transcription

Should it be virtual meetings or in-person meetings, Airgram can record the audio or video for you and store it for future reference. It also provides live transcription for the meetings to make them more accessible for participants. 

What’s better, Airgram supports eight transcription languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Airgram provides more note export options

Although Docket has more integrations than Airgram, it has more restrictions when it comes to exporting the notepad. Airgram can export the notes that include action items and transcripts to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Notion, and notes to Slack. 

On the other hand, Docket will separate action items from notes. You can sync action items to Asana and Jira, and meeting notes to Dropbox and Evernote with Docket. 

Airgram provides more flexible team management

With Docket, you can only be in one Docekt Team, which can be inconvenient as you may need to be in more than one team for different purposes. On the contrary, Airgram allows you to be in more than one workspace to make collaboration and project management easier.

See what our customers say

Austin Lee K. from G2

Email Marketing Specialist

It just works. It connects. It stays connected. Captures everything. The features they are adding to the review process are even better. You can take notes during the meeting or review afterwards and see what Airgram decided was important. The keyword feature is great as well. Generous amount of free meetings each month as well.

Benjamin G. from G2

Client Success Director

What I like most about Airgram:

1. Ease of setup and getting Airgram to join meetings (Google Meet, Teams, Zoom)

2. Providing breakdowns showing who was talking at what times, for how long

3. Transcriptions which link to video time stamps, so you can easily go over a particular point


Manage smarter meetings with Airgram

Auto join, record and transcribe Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings.

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