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I compared Otter, Fathom, and Airgram and actually thought Airgram was the best. It can quickly record both online and in-person meetings, which Fathom doesn't, and the summaries and notes are much better. Also, I like the integration with Notion and Zapier, allowing me to work easily.

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Airgram vs Fathom at a glance



Conferencing Platforms
Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
In-person meeting
Recording and Playback
Record meeting video and audio
Record unscheduled meetings

Can not record an impromptu meeting not scheduled on your calendar.

Auto-join and record meetings

Automatically join the scheduled Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams calls without your presence. Learn more

Adjustable playback speed
Download recordings
Meeting highlight clips

Turn the video clip with transcripts into a shareable link.

Customize recording bot’s name
AI Transcription & Notes
Live meeting transcription

View the meeting transcript in real-time, add highlights, and mark action items.

Video/audio file transcription
Multiple languages

Supports English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and German

Timestamped notes
Speaker identification
Editable transcript

Edit, highlight, copy, and comment on the transcripts.

AI summary

Post-meeting summary to extract key insights and action items from the whole transcript.

Summarize insights during a meeting.

Export transcripts
Recurring meeting history
Auto-share meeting notes

Automatically share the meeting notes with the whole workspace.

Meeting Collaboration
Schedule meetings

Share your calendar availability with others and get meetings booked.

Collaborative meeting agenda

Create a meeting agenda and share it with all participants to get input.

Built-in agenda templates
Collaborative note-taking

Meeting attendees can collaborate on meeting notes throughout the meeting with the integrated Notepad.

Assign action items

Assign action items with due dates and track them across meetings.

Share meeting link

Share the meeting transcript with collaborators.

Google Calendar
Outlook Calendar
Google Doc

See Why Teams Choose Airgram over Fathom

Ease of use and adoption

Airgram and Fathom are both AI meeting assistants that record, transcribe, and summarize conversations. However, they differ significantly in their feature range, performance, and use cases.

The following review is objective and intended to guide you in choosing a product best suited for your needs.

Ease of use and adoption

Airgram offers a smooth customer onboarding process. After a user signs up, they will be given an overview of key functions and a step-by-step guide on how to use the app. 

Airgram’s clean interface has also made it a user favorite. Despite being feature-dense, it still manages to maintain an intuitive UX which is lauded by admins and end-users. That’s why Arigram has got a good G2 rating regarding ease of use. (Source)

When onboarding new users, Fathom also provides an overview of its functions and a 4-minute test call on the core functions and how the app works. However, it’s not always easy to use for a number of reasons:  

  • The UX is not intuitive and the post-meeting review interface is crowded.

  • Potential users have to join a waitlist before they can sign up for the platform.

  • In addition to the fact that the desktop version has to be downloaded, the software sometimes becomes glitchy.

Recording and transcription

Airgram and Fathom have similar recording and transcription features, such as automated transcription, video recording, highlights, and easy sharing. There are, however, some noticeable differences.

  • Real-time transcription: Airgram generates meeting transcriptions in real-time, allowing users to immediately view and highlight the transcript. It also makes the conversation accessible to users who are not native speakers or hard of hearing. 

    With Fathom, however, the meeting transcript is only available after the meeting. 

  • Video/audio transcription: In addition to automatically transcribing online meetings, Airgram allows users to upload video and audio files for transcription, such as podcasts, meeting recordings, and interviews.

Meeting Collaboration

Collaboration is an essential part of meetings to be productive. Airgram facilitates team collaboration across different phases of meetings:

  • Before a meeting: Airgram users can create and share their meeting agenda with all attendees in advance for their alignment and input. This tool also offers in-app agenda templates that can be adapted or customized by team members as they see fit.

  • During a meeting: Without switching or adding other tools, meeting attendees can simultaneously take and edit notes in the integrated Notepad. They can also share comments and set to-dos throughout the meeting on Airgram. 

  • After a meeting: Users can share the link to meeting notes with internal and external collaborators. Airgram also allows auto-share notes with the whole workspace so a team leader can access them without participating in the meetings.

Fathom, on the other hand, is primarily made for individual use and does not incorporate the functions discussed above. So, if your goal is to build or improve synergy and alignment across your team, Airgram is the way to go.

All-in-one meeting solution

Not many AI meeting assistants can boast of being an all-in-one meeting solution, but Airgram can.

Airgram manages the whole meeting workflow - from pre-meeting scheduling to post-meeting summary. This makes it the single meeting productivity software a team needs. Fathom, on the other hand, is largely limited to transcribing and recording meetings.

Some functions that set Airgram apart from Fathom include:

  • Meeting scheduler: Why pay for a standalone scheduling tool when you have Airgram in hand? Airgram has an integrated scheduler that syncs your calendar and allows users to send meeting participants their open hours to quickly schedule a meeting without lengthy email changes.

  • Daily digest: Airgram sends users a list of their meetings for the day via email to serve as a reminder and give them an overview of their meeting arrangement for the day.

  • Action item tracking: Airgram centralizes and neatly organizes action items by status. Users can also include details on who is responsible for each item and the completion timeline for each task.

  • Post-meeting summary: Arigram uses GPT-4 to automatically generate meeting summaries from the transcripts, including next steps and conversation chapters so that users can access key information at a glance. Users can also easily copy and share summaries to Slack, email, and other platforms.

Airgram all-in-one meeting tool

Customer service

We evaluated Airgam and Fathom’s customer service on three main criteria - accessibility, promptness, and helpfulness - and came to the safe conclusion that Airgram’s customer service is significantly better.

  • Accessibility: Both Airgram and Fathom’s customer service teams can be reached via email. Airgram, however, also offers a live chat feature that enables users to get immediate help and answers to their queries.

  • Resources: Airgram has a rich knowledge base complete with guides, agenda templates, and blog posts to help users run productive meetings and improve their overall business process. 

  • Helpfulness: Airgram’s customer service spares no effort in providing timely and helpful customer service and values customer feedback. A G2 reviewer attested to this stating, “Customer service is top-notch and very helpful.” Source

So, if you are looking for a tool that centralizes your meeting management and provides a top-tier user experience without breaking the bank, give Airgram a go.

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