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Streamline meeting lifecycle with the #1 Alternative to Fellow

Airgram empowers your team to record, transcribe, and collaborate on meetings, whether online or in person. Guaranteed to save 20% of time spent in meetings.

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Airgram is a great tool for businesses that need to record and easily find keywords in video meetings. The best part is, it has team capabilities as well at a very affordable price! Very easy to use and share with the team or other participants.

Daniel R.

Marketing Director

Airgram vs. Fellow at a glance


Meeting Agenda & Templates
Create an agenda
Built-in templates

The templates inside help save you time from starting from scratch.

Save a custom template
Agenda time tracker

Set an estimated duration for each agenda item and start a countdown.

Manual Meeting Notes
Collaborative note-taking
Rich-text notepad

Add and edit content like images, GIFs, bullet lists, links, etc.

Threaded discussion
Recurring meeting history

Review past notes of recurring meetings to have consistency in work.

All meeting notes in one place
Link notes to calendar events
Assign and track action items
AI Recording & Transcription
Automatic meeting recording

Record both audio and video in high quality.

Beta feature.

Real-time transcription

Get a live transcript of the meeting and review it afterward.

Live bookmark notes
Transcript in multiple languages

English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Video/audio file transcription
Speaker identification
AI meeting summary
Download meeting recording
Share a video snippet
Meeting Automation
Pre-meeting reminders
Meeting booking
Automated follow-ups

Google & Outlook Calendar

Google & Office 365

Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
Google Doc

See where Airgram excels beyond

Ease of use

Both Airgram and Fellow are meeting management tools that aim to make meetings organized and productive, but they focus on different aspects.

Fellow is more of a meeting note-taking tool, functionally designed for agenda, manual note-taking, and collaboration. 

Aigram, on the other hand, is more of an AI-powered meeting assistant designed for automatic recording and transcription, though it also comes with an integrated Notepad for manual notes collaboration. As one ProductHunt user put it:

“I love that Airgram helps me record and transcribe the WHOLE meeting so I can review some key messages I might have missed out on after the meeting. I also get to search the keywords in the transcripts so I don’t have to playback the recording again and again.” (Source)

Ease of use

Getting started with Airgram is a breeze. Once you sign up, you are welcome to an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface that instantly gives the impression that you are in charge. Airgram also prompts new users with messages to explore its core functionalities. 

In contrast, the Fellow interface is a bit cluttered and intimidating on sight. Plus, users are left to navigate it on their own.

Comprehensive meeting solution

While Fellow is a great app for creating agendas and taking notes, Fellow users need separate tools for recording, transcribing, and getting meetings booked automatically.

Why pay for a standalone note-taking tool when you can manage your meeting needs with an all-in-one platform?

Airgram all-in-one meeting tool

From the pre-meeting preparations to the in-meeting collaboration and the post-meeting management. Airgram offers a seamless meeting experience for you, your team, and your client: 

  • Meeting schedule: Send your available hours to the other person with a booking link and get a meeting scheduled automatically.

  • Meeting agenda and notes: Collaborate with your team to develop a meeting agenda, take meeting notes, and foster accountability with action items. 

  • Meeting recording & transcription: Airgram automatically records and transcribes Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and Webex meetings that can serve as a future reference.

  • Meeting notes export & sharing: Export meeting notes to where you work, including Slack, Google Docs, HubSpot, and more.

AI-powered meeting assistant

Fireflies released an AI Beta feature and you’ll need to join the waitlist (until September 2023), while Airgram has already established a reputation as an AI meeting assistant with its robust features.

  • Auto-join meeting: Have too many meetings? Set up the Airgram assistant to automatically join and record your online meetings without your presence. Learn more.

  • Meeting intelligence: Leverage AI to analyze the talk-to-listen ratio, monologue length, etc. to gain valuable insights into your meeting performance and help make improvements.

  • AI meeting summary: Airgram has GPT 4 built-in to generate an automated meeting summary with actionable steps, giving you insights at a glance.

Airgram has become an essential part of my working environment - every Zoom / Teams call is recorded using this, with the transcription and summary being invaluable in any later review of the meeting.” (Source)


If you only need manual note-taking and facilitate collaboration among team members, both Arigram and Fellow are good options.

If you look beyond note-taking and want to boost meeting efficiency with AI, then go with Airgram.

Built for every aspiring team

Efficiency is everything in businesses. See how Airgram saves you 1 day a week by automating meeting notes and summaries.



Unlock hidden insights from sales calls with Airgram’s automatic recordings and transcripts, and utilize these call recordings for effective sales training.

Customer Success

Custom Success

Record, transcribe, and summarize customer conversations at scale to increase customer satisfaction and improve your productivity.



Engage in meaningful conversations with your clients and rest assured that you never miss out on important information. Also, build an entire knowledge base out of your calls.

Meet smarter with the best Fellow alternative

Scale productivity and focus on other important tasks with Airgram managing your meetings.

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