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Airgram empowers your team to record, transcribe, and collaborate on meetings, whether online or in-person. Guaranteed to save 20% of time spent in meetings.

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Airgram vs. Fellow - Go beyond meeting notes



Meeting Agenda & Templates
Develop collaborative agendas
Pre-built templates

The templates inside the app help save you time from starting from scratch.

Customize the template
Build your own template and save it
Agenda time tracker

Set an estimated time duration for each agenda item and you can start a countdown.

Meeting Notes
Associate notes of recurring meetings

Review past notes of recurring meetings to have consistency in work.

Real-time transcription

Get a real-time transcript of the meeting, so you can focus on the conversation instead of scribbling down notes.

Collaborate on taking notes
Link notes to calendar events
Rich-text notepad

Add and edit content like images, Gifs, bullet lists, links, etc.

Action items
Quick search
All meeting notes in one place
Meeting Recording
Record online meeting video and audio
Download meeting recording
Share a video snippet
Google & Outlook Calendar
Google Drive

Coming soon.

Free trail
Starting price

$8.99/month for 10 recordings.

$9 per user/month. Max 50 users.


Available for NPOs, students, and educators.

Make your meetings delightfully productive

Enhance team collaboration in meetings and keep your notes as a searchable knowledge base.

See why teams choose Airgram over

Both Airgram and Fellow are meeting management tools that aim to make meetings organized and productive.

Despite the common features like template library, collaborative note-taking, and action item tracking, Airgram offers more and that’s why teams are choosing Airgram.

1. Keeps track of meeting time.

Airgram not only allows you to create an agenda but also set the estimated time for each agenda item and sticks to it.

Once the meeting begins, simply start a countdown and check the remaining time to keep your session on schedule.

track agenda topic time

2. Records online meetings in video and audio.

This is an essential but lacking feature in the Fellow app. While Airgram enables you to record online meetings (Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams) without permission and refer back to the recording at any time.

Moreover, you can create a video clip of the most important part and share it with your team.

3. Transcribes conversations to text in real-time.  

Fellow allows you to take meeting notes manually in an organized way, but Airgram takes a further step by enabling automatic transcription to aid your note-taking.

  • No worries about missing important information with a complete transcript.

  • Makes your meetings inclusive for all, including those who are hard of hearing or in noisy places.

  • Able to search through, edit, and export the transcript.

Airgram is loved by its users

Natallia A.

Customer Success Manager

It's quite a good tool to keep meeting notes. I like the fact that Airgram allows saving both recordings of meetings and also transcripts. It is also very helpful to cut some clips to share with others.


Sofware Engineer

Airgram helps me a lot in meetings and saves most of my time ⁠— creating meeting agendas beforehand and marking important discussion notes. The fact it can share the snippet of the recording with time stamps helps me get back to the information when in need much faster.

Meet Smarter with the Best Fellow Alternative

Scale productivity and get more done in meetings with Airgram.

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