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Meeting preparation, recording, transcription, note-taking, review, and sharing - Airgram helps manage your complete meeting workflow to boost productivity.

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Google Meet Media
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Airgram vs. Fireflies - feature by feature comparison



Web-conference Platforms
Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
Product Functionality
Automatic meeting recording

Record both audio and video for free.

Only record audio for free. To record a video, you need a Business account.

Impromptu meeting recording
Maximum recording duration

5 hours

2.5 hours

Snippet sharing

Create a video clip alongside the transcript and share it.

Only share audio clips as soundbites.

Chrome extension for Google Meet
Live transcription
Multi-lingual transcription
Edit and highlight transcript
Video/audio file transcription

Only transcribe audio files.

Download meetings
Topic extraction
Smart search
Export notes and transcript
Collaboratively create an agenda
Agenda timer

Allot estimated time for each topic and start a countdown timer.

Built-in meeting templates
Integrated notepad

Teammates can take notes simultaneously in a meeting.

Action item tracking

Set action items during the meeting and track them afterward.

Recurring meeting history

Associate notes for the recurring meetings to access them easily.

Google Calendar
Outlook Calendar
Security Compliance
Free trail
Starting price

$8.99/month for 10 recordings.

$18 per seat/month ($10 if billed annually).


Available for NPOs, students, and educators.

Make your meetings delightfully productive

Record, transcribe, and document Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings.

Where does Airgram excel Fireflies?

Both Airgram and Fireflies are AI meeting assistants that can automatically record and transcribe your conversations. However, Airgram has an edge over in some aspects.

Team collaboration before, during, and after your meeting only allows users to add comments or mark specific parts of calls after the meeting is over, which, in fact, doesn’t call for collaboration.

Airgram, however, involves all your team members throughout the process, even before the meeting begins. Let’s see how.

  • The meeting organizer can create a meeting agenda beforehand and share it with all participants to gain input.

  • Assign tasks to a specific person and set a due date while in the meeting.

  • Teammates take notes in the integrated notepad simultaneously and add comments for idea sharing.

  • View, edit, and comment on the notes and transcripts after the meeting.

Facilitate the meeting with agenda

What makes Airgram unique from is its meeting agenda feature. A meeting without a well-structured agenda often leads to a waste of time.

Not only does Airgram enable you to create an agenda, but it also offers free built-in meeting templates that can be adapted and tailored to your needs.

Airgram built-in meeting templatesAirgram’s expert team provides meeting templates for one-on-one meetings, team meetings, and more.

Seamless sharing and export

While does a great job of automatic transcription and some analysis, they don’t do too much beyond that. Instead, Airgram has offered different ways to share your meeting highlights and give you a more enjoyable post-meeting experience.

  • Playback the recording and jump to a specific part.

  • Export meeting transcript with timestamps to MS Word, Slack, Notion, and Google Docs.

  • Share the meeting recording via link or email with all stakeholders.

  • Capture the most important parts of your conversations and share them anywhere.

create a video clipMore cost-effective

Both Airgram and Fireflies offer a free trial plan; however, Airgram doesn’t cap the storage, and it offers 5 recordings for free per month.

The starting price for Airgram is only $8.99/mo for its Pro plan, compared to $18/seat/mo by Fireflies. So if your major need is to automate meeting recording and transcription, Airgram might be a more affordable option.

We value your time and therefore set the right expectations for you: Airgram is best suited for individuals and SMBs as it is currently not integrated well with CRM software - though we are striving to do so.

Airgram is loved by its users

Natallia A.

Customer Success Manager

I like the fact that Airgram allows saving both recordings of meetings and also transcripts. It is also very helpful to cut some clips to share it with others. I like the way customer support reacts to issues and also how their Product Manager tries to get as much feedback as possible to improve the tool.


Sofware Engineer

Airgram helps me a lot in the meetings. I am an engineer so I have to take a lot of calls during the day. It allows me to save most of the time, creating meeting notes, and agendas beforehand and also during meetings, marking important discussion notes helps me to save further time. The real-time live transcript feature is my favorite thing!

Make the most of our every conversation

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