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Best Fireflies Alternative: Deliver more Value at a Lower Cost

Airgram is a great meeting recording & transcription alternative to with more team collaboration features. Making every meeting worth showing up to.

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Airgram is a great tool for small businesses that need to record and easily find keywords in video meetings. The best part is, It has team capabilities as well at a very affordable price! Very easy to use and share with the team or other participants.

Daniel R.

Marketing Director

Airgram vs. Fireflies at a glance


Conferencing Platforms
Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
In-person meeting
Recording and Playback
Automatic meeting recording

Record both audio and video for free.

Only record audio for free. To record video, you need a Business plan.

Recording time

Up to 5 hours.

Up to 2 hours.

Auto-join and record meetings

Automatically join the scheduled Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams calls without your presence. Learn more

Adjustable playback speed
Meeting highlight clips

Clip and share only the meeting highlights.

Download recordings
Customize recording bot’s name
Screen record

Record screen and webcam simultaneously with Chrome Extension.

AI Transcription & Notes
Real-time transcription

Show real-time transcript to help you catch up on the conversation.

Transcripts are only available after the meeting.

Live bookmark notes
Video/audio file transcription

Support various file formats with a 1GB size limit.

Can’t transcribe files larger than 100 MB.

Multilingual transcription
Timestamped notes
Speaker identification
Global search
Editable transcript

Edit, highlight, copy, and comment on the transcripts.

Can’t comment on specific transcript.

Action items

Assign action items with due dates and track them across meetings.

AI summary
Export transcripts

Export the needed transcripts to other tools simply.

Can't choose which transcript to export.

Recurring meeting history

Associate notes for the recurring meetings to access them easily.

Meeting Collaboration
Schedule meetings

Share your calendar availability with others and get meetings booked.

Meeting agenda

Create a meeting agenda and share it with participants to get everyone aligned.

Built-in agenda templates
Collaborative note-taking

Teammates can take notes simultaneously with the integrated rich-note editor.

Share meeting notes

Share the meeting notes with internal and external collaborators.

Share meeting link with password
Google Calendar
Outlook Calendar
Google Doc

Why do users choose Airgram over Fireflies?

Ease of use and adoption

Both Airgram and Fireflies are AI meeting assistants that can automatically record and transcribe your conversations. However, Airgram has an edge over in some aspects.

We respect so there is no putting them down; we just want to help you make an informed decision — by being transparent, objective, and fair. 

Ease of use and adoption

Airgram offers a smooth and understandable customer onboarding process. Once a user sign ups successfully, they will be guided to explore the core functions of Airgram step by step. While Fireflies doesn't have a well-designed onboarding, users need to explore the functions by themselves.

The Airgram tool also features a clean interface that prioritizes user experience. By combining powerful features with intuitive UX, Airgram is loved by admins and end-users alike. And it’s why Airgram has a high rating on G2 for Ease of Use and Ease of Admin. (Source).

Airgram vs Fireflies user rating

Recording and transcription

Airgram offers automated recording and real-time transcript, which is extremely helpful for non-native speakers or people with hearing defects. Meanwhile, you can highlight the key information for easy reference later.

record Google Meet with Airgram

Fireflies also records and transcribes meetings, but you can only access them after the meetings have ended. However, the current processing time may be less than ideal as it can take up to an hour to process a 4-minute meeting and around 20 minutes to transcribe a 20MB video file. can be a bit slow. If you're looking for a quicker alternative, try Airgram. Its features are similar to, and its free plan is slightly better too. It lacks sentiment analysis features but has pretty much every other functionality.” - Zapier, Best Transcription Apps

AI summary

Both Airgram and Fireflies offer automated AI-powered summaries based on the meeting transcript, and each containing a quick overview, list of action items, and timestamped insights to significantly speed up your follow-up process.

Airgram groups each section clearly so you can find key information at a glance. You can also copy and share the information to Slack, Email, and other platforms to keep all stakeholders aligned quickly.

Airgram AI-powered summary
 Fireflies puts all words into a bullet list and the summary is too detailed to be wordy, therefore users may take extra time to unpick and make sense of it. As one G2 user commented: 

“you are flooded with information and strange picks of it too in the summary section. 30 + actions from a 30-minute meeting..? Get real. I spend more time unpicking it and trying to make sense of it than I would write the notes myself.” (Source)

All-in-one meeting solution

As the best alternative, Airgram is an AI-powered meeting assistant that manages the whole meeting workflow, while Fireflies neglects some aspects that are also important to a meeting’s success.

  • Meeting schedule: Sync your calendar and send the guest your availability to schedule a meeting quickly; no more lengthy email changes.

  • Agenda creation & share: Create and share your meeting agenda with internal and external collaborators who can view, edit, and leave comments, so everyone is aware of what the meeting is about and can prepare accordingly.

  • Team collaboration: Without switching to other tools, all meeting attendees can simultaneously take notes, share a comment, and set to-dos throughout the meeting. 

  • Action item tracking: Airgram puts action items across your meetings in one centralized place and neatly organizes them by status.

Airgram all-in-one meeting tool

More cost-effective

Both Airgram and Fireflies adopt a seat-based billing system.

Airgram has only one paid plan that offers unlimited transcriptions, unlimited storage, and up to 5 hours per meeting, with an affordable price of $18/user per month. 

Fireflies has several plans:

  • The Pro plan costs $10/user per month ($18 if billed monthly). However, it lacks important features like video recording and limits the storage to 8,000 mins/seat.

  • The Business plan costs $19/user per month ($29 if billed monthly).

Overall, Airgram is a more cost-effective solution with all the necessary meeting features you need.

We value your time and therefore set the right expectations for you when comparing Airgram and Fireflies.

Where Airgram is ahead Where Airgram is behind (for now)
Focuses on the entire meeting lifecycle workflow – scheduling events, preparing agenda, taking automated notes, summarizing meetings, syncing notes to CRM, and more. CRM integration – Airgram currently supports HubSpot and is planning to integrate more.
Facilitates team collaboration with integrated Notepad and easy sharing. Sentiment analysis on the transcript.
Offers the best blend of manual note-taking + comprehensive AI-generated notes so you can build a searchable knowledge base out of your meetings.
Best for small and medium-sized companies.
Easy to use and set up; top-notch customer service.

Built for every aspiring team

Efficiency is everything in businesses. See how Airgram saves you 1 day a week by automating meeting notes and summaries.



Unlock hidden insights from sales calls with Airgram’s automatic recordings and transcripts, and utilize these call recordings for effective sales training.

Customer Success

Custom Success

Record, transcribe, and summarize customer conversations at scale to increase customer satisfaction and improve your productivity.



Engage in meaningful conversations with your clients and rest assured that you never miss out on important information. Also, build an entire knowledge base out of your calls.

Make your meetings delightfully productive

Join the meeting and actively participate, Airgram will take care of the rest work for you.

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