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Otter and Airgram both save you time by generating automated meeting notes and summaries. However, Airgram makes your team and client-facing meetings more productive throughout the meeting lifecycle.

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We did some initial research and settled with Aigram and Otter. We chose airgram because it felt more intuitive, the transcription was slightly better, and the options for in-meeting notes and highlighting really make it stand out. It seems right for us to use both as a sales tool and a training tool.

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Matt Vendramini

Associate Director of Sales, OrangeHRM

See how Airgram stacks up with Otter


Free trial

$18 per user/month for unlimited transcriptions, billed monthly. The annual pricing is underway.

Starting at $8.33 USD per user/month (billed annually) for 1,200 transcription minutes.

Customer support

Live chat, email


Conferencing Platforms
Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
In-person meeting
Recording and Playback
Record meeting video and audio

Only record audio

Recording time

Up to 5 hours.

Up to 4 hours.

Auto-join and record meetings

Automatically join the scheduled Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams calls without your presence. Learn more

Adjustable playback speed

For free

Paid feature

Create video snippets

Turn the video clip with transcripts into a shareable link.

Download recordings

Download the video in MP4.

Download audio in an MP3 format.

Customize recording bot’s name
AI Transcription & Notes
Live meeting transcription
Video/audio file transcription
Transcribe multiple languages

Supports English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

English only.

Timestamped notes
Speaker identification
Editable transcript

Edit, highlight, copy, and comment on the transcripts.

Custom vocabulary
AI summary

Post-meeting summary to generate a TL;DR and extract action items.

Live summary during meetings.

Export transcripts
Associate notes of recurring meetings
Meeting Collaboration
Schedule meetings

Share your calendar availability with others and get meetings booked.

Meeting agenda

Create a meeting agenda and share it with participants to get everyone aligned.

Built-in agenda templates
Collaborate on notes

Participants can collaborate on meeting notes with the integrated Notepad.

Action items

Assign action items with due dates and track them across meetings.

Share meeting link

Share the meeting transcript with collaborators.

Google Calendar
Outlook Calendar
Google Doc

Comparison details: Airgram vs

Ease of use

Airgram is an all-in-one AI meeting assistant that manages every stage of your meeting to boost efficiency, from meeting scheduling to follow-up. In contrast, Otter is a transcription tool that converts speech to text using artificial intelligence.

In the below section, we’ll see how Airgram and Otter compare across some of the most critical capabilities and make an informed decision. We respect Otter, so all information is fair and transparent and there is no putting them down.

Ease of use

Both Otter and Airgram have a clean interface and are simple to navigate, but Airgram has a higher user rating regarding ease of use, setup, and admin (Source).

Airgram vs. otter user rating

As for customer support, Airgram is invested in your success from the very beginning of an interaction. You may check the help docs, send an email, or initiate a live chat. In contrast, currently, only provides email support.

Recording and transcription

Airgram and share many similarities regarding the recording and transcription features, such as real-time transcript, HD recording, instant access, and easy sharing. However, there are differences:

  • Otter records meeting audio while Arigram records both audio and video, allowing you to see the facial expressions and gain insights.

  • Otter supports English transcription only but Airgram supports 8 languages, including English, Spanish, and French.

  • Airgram offers an additional but useful feature ‘video snippet’. The meeting notes owner can share meeting highlights with a simple link or embed code.

Besides, one customer who switched from Otter to Airgram thought Airgram’s transcription is better, saying “I'm currently using Otter for the transcription. So far is not that good compared with Airgram's”.

All-in-one platform

Given our daily reliance on tools, why not simplify our work with an all-in-one solution? focuses more on the in-meeting tasks, but that’s just the beginning for Airgram. It extends its features to the whole meeting lifecycle.

  • Meeting schedule: Sync your calendar and send the guest your availability to schedule a meeting quickly; no more lengthy email changes.

  • Agenda creation & share: Create and share your meeting agenda with internal and external collaborators who can view, edit, and leave comments, so everyone is aware of what the meeting is about and can prepare accordingly.

  • Action item tracking: Airgram puts action items across your meetings in one centralized place and neatly organizes them by status.

  • Meeting summary: With a single click, Airgram generates automatic meeting summaries that include a list of action items, saving you valuable time in follow-up.

Airgram all-in-one meeting tool

Workplace app integrations

Integrations enable the smooth flow of data between different software systems and therefore streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

Currently, only integrates with two calendar tools plus Dropbox.

By contrast, Airgram seamlessly integrates with various types of tools, including calendars, CRM software, and documentation apps, to make your work easier.

Airgram integrations


Both Airgram and Otter adopt a seat-based billing system.

Airgram has only one paid plan that offers unlimited transcriptions and up to 5 hours per meeting, with an affordable price of $18/user per month.

While Otter’s pricing varies depending on the transcription minutes:

  • The Pro plan costs $8.33/user per month (billed yearly), offering 1200 monthly transcription minutes and 90 minutes per meeting

  • The Business plan costs $20/user per month (billed yearly), offering 6000 monthly transcription minutes and up to 4 hours per conversation.

To conclude, Otter AI has a lower starting price and the Pro plan might be suitable for individuals and small teams who have meetings occasionally. However, if you have a large volume of meetings or file transcriptions, Airgram is no doubt a more cost-effective solution.

Built for every aspiring team

Efficiency is everything in businesses. See how Airgram saves you 1 day a week by automating meeting notes and summaries.



Unlock hidden insights from sales calls with Airgram’s automatic recordings and transcripts, and utilize these call recordings for effective sales training.

Customer Success

Custom Success

Record, transcribe, and summarize customer conversations at scale to increase customer satisfaction and improve your productivity.



Engage in meaningful conversations with your clients and rest assured that you never miss out on important information. Also, build an entire knowledge base out of your calls.

Make your meetings delightfully productive

Join the meeting and actively participate, Airgram will take care of the rest work for you.

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