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Not limited to recording and transcribing your meeting, Airgram allows you to share notes and video clips, track tasks, and build workspaces dedicated to teamwork!

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Airgram vs Otter.ai - feature by feature comparison



Supported Platforms

Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
In-person meeting
Meeting Recording
Record both video and audio

Only record audio

Auto join and record meetings

Automatically join the shceduled Zoom/GMeet/Teams calls without your presence.

Download video recording
Create clips from recordings

Create a snippet of the recording and share with others.

Adjustable playback speed
Meeting Transcription
Real time transcription

Live transcribe Zoom, GMeet, Teams, and in-person meetings.

Meeting video/audio file transcription
Multilingual transcription

Supports English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Only supports English.

Speaker identification
AI Topic extraction

The smart AI helps extract key information from the transcript in a few seconds.

Its Summary Keywords feature performs the same.

Meeting Collaboration
Collaborative meeing agenda
Built-in meeting templates

Airgram offers built-in meeting templates to help better organize your meetings.

Integrated notepad

All meeting attendees can simutaneously take meeting notes with the text-rich notepad.

Action items

Set actions items with due dates and follow up.

Recurring meeting history
Google Docs

Make your meetings delightfully productive

Record, transcribe, and document Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings.

Why choose Airgram over Otter.ai?

Airgram and Otter.ai have their similarities and differences. It could be difficult to make a decision without a more comprehensive analysis of these two products. Below we provide further explanation for the key differences between Airgram and Otter.ai.

For Meeting Management - Airgram WON

If you are looking for a service that can not only transcribe online meetings or in-person conversations, then Airgram would be the better choice. It provides useful meeting management features to help make your meetings more efficient.

  • Notepad: The meeting organizer and participants can jot down meeting notes on the notepad in rich-text format or add images to the note.

  • Meeting Agenda: The meeting organizer can plan the meeting in advance and set time allotment for each agenda item with Airgram to improve the meeting efficiency.

  • Meeting Template: As a meeting management software, Airgram provides various meeting templates for people. A meeting template can shed some light on how the meeting should be organized.

For Online Meeting Recording - Airgram WON

When using Otter.ai to join online meetings like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams meeting, you can get a transcript of it in real-time, but you won’t be able to save the video recording of the meeting for later review. 

You can get more with the online meeting recording with Airgram.

  •  A video recording for your online meeting that comes with your meeting notes and transcripts, which allows you to rewind the meeting and locate important information faster

  • You can create clips of the meeting highlights using the video recording.

For Action Item Tracking - Airgram WON

Otter.ai is best known for its transcription service. It lacks the action item tracking feature. Although brings out the takeaways panel to capture annotations and assign action items during the meeting, its action item tracking is still weak when compared with Airgram.

Airgram supports:

  • Write down an action item during a meeting or select a part of the transcript and turn it into an action item.

  • Assign the action items and set the due date.

  • Review action item status in meeting notes intuitively.

  • For the owner of the action items, easily track your action item within Airgram.

  • Supports sync action items with the Notion database.

For Supported Transcription Language - Airgram WON

If you are running an international team, then the more transcription language supported, the better. However, Otter.ai only supports transcribing English, which can be a great setback today. Airgram, on the other hand, support eight transcription languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.

For Third Party Integration - Airgram WON

Airgram can export time-stamped notes with speakers to popular platforms like Notion, Slack, Google Docs and Microsoft Word, while Otter.ai only supports downloading the audio, text and captions.

Airgram is loved by its users

Natallia A.

Customer Success Manager

I like the fact that Airgram allows saving both recordings of meetings and also transcripts. It is also very helpful to cut some clips to share it with others. I like the way customer support reacts to issues and also how their Product Manager tries to get as much feedback as possible to improve the tool.


Sofware Engineer

Airgram helps me a lot in the meetings. I am an engineer so I have to take a lot of calls during the day. It allows me to save most of the time, creating meeting notes, and agendas beforehand and also during meetings, marking important discussion notes helps me to save further time. The real-time live transcript feature is my favorite thing!


Manage smarter meetings with Airgram

Auto join, record and transcribe Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings.

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