Best tl;dv alternative: supercharge your next virtual meeting

Airgram offers what tl;dv doesn't. Record and transcribe your Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams calls, collaborate on meeting notes, integrate with your favorite apps, and more.

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Airgram vs tl;dv - feature by feature comparison



Supported Platforms
Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
In-person meeting
Meeting Recording
Video and audio recording
Auto join and record meetings

Automatically join the scheduled Zoom/GMeet/Teams calls without your presence.

Join scheduled meetings by inviting the tl;dv Meeting Recorder.

Download video recording
Create clips from recordings
Adjustable playback speed
Skip silence

Skip the silent part of the recording to save your valuable time.

Meeting Transcription
Show transcripts in real time

Live transcribe Zoom, GMeet, Teams, and in-person meetings.

Transcripts are available after the meeting is over.

Meeting video/audio file transcription

Import pre-recorded video/audio files for transcription.

Multi-language transcription
Speaker identification
AI Topic extraction

The AI helps extract key information from the transcript.

Editable transcript
Meeting Collaboration
Create meeing agenda
Built-in meeting templates

Airgram offers read-to-use meeting agenda templates to help you better structure the meetings.

Integrated notepad

All meeting attendees can simutaneously take meeting notes with the text-rich notepad.

Action items

Set actions items and follow up.

Associate notes of recurring meetings
Export meeting notes
Share a snippet of the recording

Make your meetings delightfully productive

Record, transcribe, and document Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings.

Why choose Airgram over tl;dv

Airgram and tl;dv both aim to help people make meetings more productive. So, which software should you choose to make full use of your meetings? To help you make the decisions, we have researched and analyzed them in the following aspects.

If your team uses Microsoft Teams, choose Airgram.

tl;dv currently only supports recording and transcribing online meetings running on Zoom and Google Meet. Moreover, some features, like speaker identification, do not work for Zoom.

By comparison, Airgram supports Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams without any difference in the supported features.

Airgram supports zoom google meet teams

If you want to join online meetings automatically, choose Airgram.

With proper setup in Airgram, you can assign the Airgram AI Assistant to join any scheduled meetings automatically. You will get a full recording and transcript of the meeting even without attending it. Never miss any important message again!

Airgram AI assistant

If you are looking for better meeting management, choose Airgram.

With Airgram, the meeting participants can collaborate on the notepad during the meeting to share their opinions and comments. The meeting organizer can:

  • Set meeting agenda and assign time allotment for each agenda block.

  • Use a meeting template to help plan the meeting and write down points to be discussed during the meeting.

  • Assign an action item and set a due date during the meeting.

With tl;dv, you can share the meeting recording and transcript with your team with highlighted information only. There is no collaboration during the meeting or after the meeting.

collaborate in meeting

If you are looking for permanent meeting video storage, choose Airgram. 

tl;dv has applied restrictions for their Free plan user to access their video recording. On the Free plan, recordings older than one week are archived. The users need to contact support or upgrade to Pro to restore the archived video recording. In contrast, Airgram lets you store your video recording permanently.

export meeting notes

See what our customers say

Austin Lee K. from G2

Email Marketing Specialist

It just works. It connects. It stays connected. Captures everything. The features they are adding to the review process are even better. You can take notes during the meeting or review afterwards and see what Airgram decided was important. The keyword feature is great as well. Generous amount of free meetings each month as well.

Benjamin G. from G2

Client Success Director

What I like most about Airgram:

1. Ease of setup and getting Airgram to join meetings (Google Meet, Teams, Zoom)

2. Providing breakdowns showing who was talking at what times, for how long

3. Transcriptions which link to video time stamps, so you can easily go over a particular point


Manage smarter meetings with Airgram

Auto join, record and transcribe Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings.

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