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Axanexa saves 20 hours per week in client meetings with Airgram

Discover how Axanexa’s consulting team saves time and meanwhile increases customer satisfaction by using Airgram AI to automate meeting notes.

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Axanexa ( is a Silver Partner of that offers free consultations to help customers integrate any application, automate any process, and build workflows to grow their business.

  • Industry

    Business Consulting

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    2-50 employees

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    United States

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    Customer Service

The Challenge

Struggle to take notes while staying engaged in conversing with the clients

The Axanexa team currently has eight members and has an average of roughly 10 customer calls a day, and anywhere from 150 – 250 calls a month, which is quite a lot. 

They know typing customers’ needs in detail is essential for successful service delivery, but when doing so, they immediately realized it’s impossible.

“We do a lot of sales calls, presentations, and investigation/discovery meetings – we need to be able to document the prospect’s/client’s decisions, details, and processes accurately. Doing so manually – while leading a call like that – is impossible,” recalls Kelly Carpenter, VP of Service Delivery at Axanexa. 

“Trying to take notes while conversing with the clients, the details can easily get lost. We sometimes miss something very important that they said or miss some of that tribal knowledge or context.”

The solution

The Axanexa team began their search for a transcribing tool that provides detailed and actionable notes of the meeting conversations.

“We need our notes to be actionable. It should provide a good detail of the entire conversation to be then able to use that as a reference since we are being held accountable,” says Kelly.

After researching and comparing different tools like Tactiq, Zoom, and, Axanexa selected Airgram as the comprehensive meeting management system that could help them take detailed notes, simplify meeting follow-up, and scale the business.

We checked a bunch of transcribing tools, including Zoom, and Airgram was the winner. It was easy to use, cost-effective, and it did call the things that we needed it to do.

Axanexa implemented Airgram smoothly through self-service because Airgram is designed to be incredibly user-friendly.

Stay focused with live transcription  

Not having to agonize over taking detailed notes while actively conversing with clients has been an enormous relief for Kelly’s team.

“Before Airgram, we just recorded via Zoom and didn’t have a transcription. We just had either our handwritten or typed notes, which are not reliable by any stretch imagination,” she recalls. 

“We now use the live transcription to actively listen to our clients – being able to read what they just said and repeat back for confirmation has been so helpful. “

Detailed notes for every meeting

Since adopting Airgram, detailed notes taken for every critical call, as well as consistent formatting, is 100% at Axanexa.

We now have records of what prospects/clients request, decide, and approve, with videos, for every meeting – to ensure we action our delivery appropriately. It is a game changer.

Even better, the team can review notes anytime they want, make edits, mark action items, and locate exact information by quick search. 

As Kelly put it, “Airgram's ability to instantly edit the notes and that the right speakers are assigned is really why Airgram won out, by a pretty significant margin from the competitors. Marking action items has also been a significant value added.”

Easy sharing facilitates collaboration

On top of fixing the main problem of note-taking so they can concentrate on the conversation and listen actively to the clients, the team also found the sharing feature very helpful.

“Once that transcription is complete, I send that link out to everybody who is on the call so they can view the recording and transcript,” says Kelly. This ensures there is no information distortion.


20 hours are saved per week

By adopting Airgram, Kelly and her team save roughly 2-3 hours per meeting of deciphering notes, revalidating decisions, and documenting the approvals since it is all now captured in the transcript. 

30% decrease in turnaround time

The adoption of Airgram is all about serving customers better, and it does.

“Since we now save time on validation and manual documentation, turn time on deliverables has decreased by 30% and our clients are happier,” says Kelly.

Fewer meetings but better results

In their first five months with Airgram, the Axanexa consulting team completed nearly 300 meetings, which equals over 600 hours of time saved. They use this newly found time to focus on other important work since they have fewer client meetings because one meeting is enough to understand the client's needs and therefore deliver better results quickly.

“We would recommend them to anyone looking for a tool like this,” concludes Kelly. “There’s less rework. There’s less confusion.”

Kelly also added, "It is refreshing to have a software support team actively engaged in making the tool better, addressing questions timely, and providing updates as things develop.” 

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