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Board Meeting Minutes Template

This boarding meeting minutes template offers a record of the matters and action items discussed at the meeting. Help you generate organized and streamlined board meeting minutes.

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Meeting information

Start time: 28th, Jan. 10:30 am

Meeting topic:


Approval of minutes

The board must approve the minutes from the last meeting.

Open issues

Review items that the board has previously discussed and are ready for formal approval.

  • [ ] Item 1

  • [ ] Item 2

  • [ ] ...

New business

New business might include reports from the CEO, the finance department, or other department leads.

  • [ ] Item 1

  • [ ] Item 2

  • [ ] ...

Future action steps

  • Action item 1, @owner, deadline: dd/mm/yyyy

  • Action item 2, @owner, deadline: dd/mm/yyyy

  • ...

Submission and approval of minutes

Minute taker must submit the minutes for approval by the Board Chair or meeting facilitator.

  • Minutes submitted by: [Name]

  • Minutes approved by: [Name]

About this template:

Firstly, note down the basic information of a board meeting, including the start time, the topic, and such. Then, go over reports and review the meeting minutes in the last boarding meeting. Members should decide whether to approve or amend those pending approvals. New business and future action steps will be discussed after that. Close the template with the submission and approval of minutes.


The goal of the board meeting

Identify problems and plan for the future. The members will review all issues and then discuss items reserved by the preceding meeting and the current one.

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