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Customer Success Team Meeting Agenda Template

Communicate the progress, roadblocks, improvement about product features, and customer success workflow.

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📝 Performance Update

Review the overall performance of the process while communicating with our customers.

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS):

  • Health score:

  • Churn score:

  • ...

🏵 Wins

Celebrate the victories of the team in the current phase.

  • Achievement 1

  • Achievement 2

  • ...

🤺 Challenges

  • Challenge 1

  • Challenge 2

  • ...

🙋 User Problems

List all the bugs and significant issues the clients encounter while using your product or service.

  • Problem 2

  • ...

🧰 Product Improvement

Illustrate the improvement our product need to adopt to help customers out.

  • Improvement 1

  • Improvement 2

  • ...

🎳 CS Workflow Improvement

What can we improve to help out our customers and to enhance our workflow productivity?

  • Improvement 1

  • Improvement 2

  • ...

✅ Action Items

  • [ ] Task 1

  • [ ] Task 2

  • [ ] ...

About this template:

After a handoff from your sales team, as a customer manager, you will be responsible for taking care of the user throughout the user journey until they ultimately get the value of your product or service. While engaging with your clients with welcome emails, kick-off calls, and follow-up check-ins, the customer success team should regularly examine the overall progress and utilize customers' voices to improve the team's workflow and product or service.

Use this template to plan out a well-organized CS team meeting agenda. Give an update about the performance of your team. Celebrate the achievement and talk about the roadblocks. Then apply the learnings to enhance your existing CS workflow and product features. So you can gain better customer satisfaction and customer retention.

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