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Level 10 Meeting Template

Use this template to check in with your leadership team and make sure the company’s goals are on track.

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Share some exciting news!


  • What were the objectives for last week? (e.g., KPIs)

  • What were the actual results?

Rock Review

Are your major goals still on track?

Client/ Employee Headlines

What are some useful insights from your clients or employees?

To-do List

  • Did you finish your to-do list from last week?

  • Did any roadblocks prevent you from finishing the list?

(In all of the agendas above, try not to dive into the issues and save them for the next section. Simply write the addressed issues down on the issues list below.)

Issues list

Issues Discussion

  • What were the issues mentioned earlier?

  • How should we solve these issues?

  • Who should be accountable for which issues?


Is there any further clarification needed for this discussion?

Action Items

[Action item 1]

About this template:

The leadership level of a company attends this weekly meeting to exchange information of their respective departments and raise issues to seek solutions. The method is referred to as IDS (identify, discuss, and solve). The members identify various issues and see whether they have enough resources to resolve them. The issues list could be long, so it requires the attendees to set priorities and dedicate their efforts to the most dire issues. 

This type of meeting is called level 10 because the leadership members are asked to rate the meeting on a scale of 1 to 10 at the end of each meeting, so the team knows what to improve in the next one.


Why is keeping the first 5 agendas short important?

The first 5 agendas are not intended to solve problems and issues, it is for the attendees to add items to the issues list. Meetings are held at the expense of time, and time is costly especially in the leadership level of a company. It is unrealistic and unwise for the members to go through every issue without setting priorities. Therefore, the discussion should only start after the members agree on the top issues to resolve.

What are the rules of thumb?

According to EOS entrepreneurial Operating System, the 5 rules of thumb are: 

Same day, same time, same agenda; start and end on time.

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Leadership Team Meeting Agenda
Use this template to build an agenda for your next leadership team meeting. Facilitate the conversation and make strategic decisions.
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