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Marketing Team Meeting Agenda Template

A marketing team meeting is an essential tool for aligning team goals and improving performance. Run more effective marketing meetings with a free template agenda and this guide.

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Goals & Metrics

Review the monthly marketing team goals and track what progress we have made.

Team Updates

Each team member briefly recaps his/her work. Focus on major statistics.

  • member 1


What are the roadblocks that prevent us from hitting goals?

Testing and Learning

Carve out time to discuss lessons learned from testing and experiment.

  • A/B test

Priority Work

What are our marketing priorities next?

Action Items

  • @name Task by DUE-DATE

Marketing team meeting overview 

A marketing meeting is a gathering of you and your team members to discuss marketing goals, campaigns, and budgets. Although many marketers may dread them, these meetings are an effective way of aligning the team’s targets and improving performance.

As things change rapidly in the marketing world, team meetings are one of the best places to update your team on any new developments. For instance, the client may have new requirements recently, so the team has to develop a new strategy.

These meetings are of different types, such as daily standups, marketing plan reviews, and budgeting reviews, and there is no one size fits all approach to a successful meeting. However, they will be effective only when you put in sufficient time and effort to organize and conduct them.

Read on to learn how you can have better marketing meetings for your organization.

What’s the meeting cadence?

Finding the proper meeting cadence is crucial to having healthy team dynamics. It is because too many meeting compromise people’s productivity, and too few of them could result in poor engagement.

A marketing team meeting should, most often, be scheduled once a week for around 40 minutes, depending on the team size. But don’t drag it too long; having shorter meetings helps people focus on critical tasks. Also, employees do not get bored or frustrated when meetings are brief and don’t eat into their time for solo work.

Many marketing teams have a meeting on Monday mornings as the last week’s achievements are still fresh in their mind. Moreover, there is an entire workweek to execute the tasks decided in the meeting. 

How to prepare a marketing team meeting agenda? 

A meeting agenda helps the team focus on the actionable items and ensures that everything is on track. Here are a few steps to prepare the agenda for your marketing team meeting.

#Step 1: Decide who will facilitate the discussion

The meeting facilitator helps moderate the discussion so that the attendees don’t lose focus and everything is on track. 

You need someone who can set the tone for the meeting and ensure all team members can participate.  It is good to decide who will facilitate the meeting beforehand so that the person is prepared for it.

#Step 2: Outline the key topics of discussion

The purpose of the agenda is to list the crucial topics of discussion so that the team members are prepared. When selecting the topics, you should keep in mind that they should be specific as well as broad enough to justify the allotted time. Moreover, if the topic is too shallow, you end up wasting everyone’s time, so it is wise to plan the topics in advance.

Once you have highlighted the critical points of the discussion, also mention the time allotted for each topic, as it will keep the meeting focused.

#Step 3: Share the agenda

When you have zeroed in on the key topics in the agenda, share it with other teammates at least 24 hours in advance so that they can review it and provide their feedback. It also helps the presenters see the topics they will be discussing and gives them time to collect data and prepare other documentation.

Airgram has a variety of team meeting templates that help you create and customize the agenda for your next marketing meeting. Moreover, the agenda items can be outlined on a Notepad and shared with other team members, who can input their points and comments.

5 Items to include in a marketing meeting agenda 

A marketing meeting agenda sets clear expectations of what needs to be done before, throughout, and after the meeting. Here are the critical items that will make your marketing meeting a success.

1. Goals & metrics [10 minutes]

This part of the meeting is a pulse check. 

Most often, the team leader will provide an update on how the team is doing against the set targets after a quick warm-up. Each team member should be clear about the goals and know where we are going. 

Then you can dive into the key metrics like customer increase and gross sales and celebrate wins with your team.

2. Team updates  [15 minutes]

Give each team member three to five minutes to share what they worked on last week, their progress, and what’s on the docket for this week. As a manager, you can identify if the team is on the right track and determine priority work. 

Also, it is essential to discuss the timelines and how they are working out for the team. Talking about timelines makes people accountable for their work and ensures that the tasks are completed on time. 

3. Roadblocks and obstacles [10 minutes]

This is the time to discuss the hurdles each team member faces that can affect the team’s performance. Remember that not every project will go according to the plan. While some team members outperform their targets, others might struggle with some difficulties. So, this part focuses on understanding each team member's challenges and helping them find solutions.

Also, encourage the team members to mention any perceived challenges in the future as you can solve them proactively.

4. Testing and learning  [10 minutes]

Marketing focuses on measuring the effectiveness of different tools, techniques, and strategies. Testing and learning is a data-driven approach that aims to improve your marketing campaign's performance by continuous adjustments.

If you run a test, for example, an A/B test on the homepage, you should dedicate some time to analyzing the result and conclude the lessons learned from testing. The focus here is to gather insights that will help you make better marketing decisions in the future.

5. Priority work  [5 minutes]

The final part of the meeting involves defining the priority work this week. So, outline the tasks every attendee must prioritize regarding a particular project or campaign. You should also highlight the short-term and long-term steps based on your discussion.

P.S. You can set and track action items across marketing meetings with Airgram and keep them top of mind every time you meet!

action item dashboard to organize all meeting tasks

How to run an effective marketing meeting? 

There are so many aspects to a successful marketing team meeting, and having a solid agenda is just one of them. Here are some additional tips that will make your marketing meetings more productive: 

  • Invite the key stakeholders only

Sometimes, deciding who should be included in the meeting may be challenging, so managers tend to invite the entire team. According to Harvard Business Review, the most productive meetings include less than eight people. So, it is wise to invite only the people who have contributions to the meeting, including key decision-makers and those who provide updates regarding the project. 

Limiting the number of people in the meeting so that none of the teammates ends up wasting their crucial time.

  • Have a collaborative agenda

You need an agenda to organize the topics and ensure that everything is on schedule. Moreover, it ensures that the content is in line with the purpose of the meeting. 

So, create an agenda everyone can access, enabling them to add their points and comments. This way, all the team members will come prepared for the meeting and also hold each other accountable.

Pro Tip: You can collaboratively develop a meeting agenda using Airgram. It enables the team to input their weekly progress, and this helps save crucial time and starts the collaboration process even before the meeting starts.
create a meeting agenda collaboratively in Airgram

  • Include a celebration round

Many teams prefer to open the meeting by celebrating achievements as it sets a positive tone. 

Encourage each team member to share a personal achievement, learning, or celebration over the past week. It helps recognize each team member's work rather than just a few noticeable ones.

  • Limit time-consuming activities

The team should not be expected to churn out fresh ideas on the spot, as it can eat into everyone’s time and affect productivity. 

Besides taking too much time, brainstorming makes people feel pressured to come up with impromptu ideas that may not be great. You can set a specific brainstorming session for new idea generation.

  • Use data to guide decision-making

As you discuss the outcomes, avoid being influenced by opinions and biases. It is because ideas that seem good may not necessarily work with the customers. 

So, it is good to maintain objectivity by referring to the marketing statistics at your disposal. These give you an insight into what’s working for your campaign. Accordingly, you can focus your efforts on achieving excellent outcomes.

Smarter use of data will help marketers respond faster – and better – to business challenges.                                                                                – Noah Elkin, Managing Editor, Street Fight

  • Outline the action items before concluding

The meeting should always end with a concrete plan so everyone knows their future tasks. Ensure that you delegate tasks and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

marketing team meeting agenda template

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Objectives [5 minutes]

Keep everyone informed of the objectives of this brainstorming session.

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Ground Rules [5 minutes]

Set up the ground rules during the discussion.

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Brainstorming Meeting Agenda Template
A brainstorming meeting agenda is a perfect tool to guide the conversation and allow everyone to prepare adequately. Adapt this brainstorming meeting template and customize it to your needs.
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