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Offboarding One-on-One Meeting Agenda (Manager<>Employee)

As the employee exits the company, use this offboarding meeting agenda to collect honest feedback and make improvements.

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Employee name:

Current position: 


Job Circumstances

Discuss how the employee thinks about the job and working environment

  • Did the job live up to your expectations?

  • What do you think of the atmosphere at the company?

Job Transfer

  • Has all of the knowledge transfer been completed?

  • Is there anything we should be aware of when taking over your responsibilities?

  • What skills or competencies should someone have to be successful in your role?


Ask what else they'd like to share about their experience working with you.

  • Do you have any feedback for me or the team?

What is an Offboarding 1-1 Meeting?

Employee offboarding is the official separation process between an employee and a company. No matter how much you invest in employee satisfaction, the time to leave will come. 

Whether the employee retires, moves on, or is even laid off, how their final days are handled will influence other employees and, consequently, your organization. That's where offboarding 1:1 meeting comes to play.

If done right, offboarding meeting does many goods for both parties:

  1. Sends positive signals to other employees

  2. Maintains the company's reputation

  3. Makes the outgoing employee feel respected

  4. Give meaningful insight and feedback to improve

  5. Makes hiring new talent for the role easier

  6. Expands the company's network

A manager's role in the offboarding process

Although, the official tradition puts the HR department in charge of offboarding, and there is a misconception that offboarding is the sole responsibility of HR. A manager plays a vital role in the positive offboarding process. 

For the former, it's a routine exercise of documentation and handing over. For managers, it's a team member heading out. 

Since they work closely with the employee for a period, managers are more entitled to active participation in employee offboarding. During this process, no one will likely give employees the attention they need as managers. And an employee offboarding one-on-one is a perfect place to say goodbye. 

If you aren't sure how to go about your employee-manager one-on-one offboarding meeting, use the Airgram template to set the ball rolling.


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