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Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda Template

Outline the project’s purpose, goals and other details including the roles and next steps. Get your project team on the same page effectively.

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🗺 Background

The background of this project

  • [ ] Background 1

  • [ ] Background 2

  • [ ] ...

🎯 Goal

Outline the goals of this project

  • [ ] Goal 1

  • [ ] Goal 2

  • [ ] ...

👤 Roles

Discuss and decide project roles and assignments.

  • [ ] Talking point 1

  • [ ] Talking point 2

  • [ ] ...

🔍 Scope

What are the specific details?

  • [ ] Talking point 1

  • [ ] Talking point 2

  • [ ] ...

About this template:

This template helps you communicate critical project information to your team, allowing every team member and stakeholder to be crystal clear about his role and tasks.

To get the project team aligned, introduce why you want to organize the project to give everyone a background story at the beginning. Then, articulate the common goals, roles, and the details that need to be paid attention to thoroughly — lead all the project members to work towards the mutual objective in the right direction.


1. The goal of the project kickoff meeting

The project manager should utilize this meeting to align every team member on the mutual objective and responsibilities before getting to the actual task assignment. 

Learn more about how to run a project kickoff meeting.

2. Why should you hold a project kickoff meeting?

As a project manager, you don’t need to map out a plan thoroughly, such as the specific tasks at the kickoff meeting. Instead, it would be best to get everybody clear on the broad picture of the project beforehand so that every member and stakeholder understand their roles and what they can expect from the project at the end. 

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Initial Plan

Review the initial plan, including scope, time and assignees, etc.

  • Talking point

Updates on...

  • Individual action items (any changes?)

  • Project schedule (can we finish the project on time?)

  • Budget (are we over the planned budget?)

  • Quality check (are we remaining the desired level of quality?)

  • Risks (how do we solve existing and potential risks?)


Project Status Meeting Agenda Template
Use this template to check on the project status with your team, reiterate the goals and make sure the time and efforts are in the right place.
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