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Quarterly Performance Review Template

Measure progress, review goals, and identify areas for improvement with this one-on-one performance review template.

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Employee name:


Review period:

Date of review:

Overall Assessment

Review an employee’s overall performance for the quarter from perspectives like achievements, team collaboration, work ethics, etc.

  • Self-review and manager feedback

  • Any peer feedback

Performance against Goals

Review if the employees are meeting the goals that were set forth; highlight wins and give positive feedback.

  • Goal 1- what has been accomplished

  • How do you feel about those goals?

Areas for Growth

Help employees identify what could have been done better and any growth opportunities.

  •  Now looking back on your work, what do you think could have been done better?

Future Goals & Expectations

List some goals for the quarter to come.

Additional Comments

Allow employees to share any concerns or questions they may have and have a friendly discussion.

Did you know that 96% of employees believe that regular feedbacks are beneficial? After all, employees want to know what the organization expects from them and whether they meet these expectations. 

Performance review one-on-ones are a great way to let the employee know the key performance metrics for which they will be evaluated and how they perform against the goals.

So, a quarterly review meeting is conducted to assess the quality of an employee’s work for the past quarter and provide valuable feedback. 

When, who, and how long?

As the name suggests, this type of performance review occurs quarterly (every three months) and often lasts about 60 minutes.

The evaluation is attended by the employee being reviewed and the reporting manager, who has a thorough knowledge of the employee’s work and role.

Many organizations across the globe are opting for quarterly reviews rather than annual appraisals. A major reason is that it allows managers to check in more often with the employees to let them know how they are doing and provide constructive feedback to improve performance. 

What to include in a performance review template? (+ example)

quarterly performance review template

The quarterly performance review meeting template contains a general structure that includes the overall assessment, goal-specific evaluation, opportunities for growth, and future expectations from an employee. You are free to add more sections according to the specific roles that you are evaluating.

Below is a sample template for the role of a customer service representative and gives you an idea about what to include in a quarterly performance review. 


Employee name: Denise Barnes

Department: Sales

Review period:  Q2

Date of review: July 12, 2021

Overall Assessment

Evaluate the employee’s performance across the quarter with respect to different parameters such as accomplishments, work ethics, and teamwork.

  • Self-review: The employee considers herself a team player and is willing to take up additional roles and responsibilities.

  • Manager Feedback: Denise has been achieving her targets consistently and motivates the team with her performance and relentless enthusiasm. 

  • Peer Feedback: Denise is a team player (Is helpful and interacts with everyone)

Performance against Goals

Evaluate the employee’s performance concerning the short-term and long-term goals, applaud the efforts, and provide constructive feedback. 

  • Goal 1- Customer satisfaction score based on the client feedback questionnaire is 8, exceeding expectations. 

  • Goal 2- The average resolution time in the last quarter is 100 seconds which is good and highlights her attention to detail and problem-solving skills.

  • Goal 3- The average first response time in the last quarter is 300 seconds and has a scope for improvement.

  • She has won a cash bonus for generating 50 qualified leads monthly.

  • Denise has excellent communication skills coupled with enthusiasm and problem-solving abilities.

Areas for Growth

Provide feedback regarding the areas of improvement and identify any training needs and growth opportunities.

  •  Denise should take regular training to stay updated on the products that have been rolled out in the last six months. This will help in faster resolution of queries and also improve the first response time.

  • As the employee has been with the company for a considerable time and has the required knowledge and skills, Denise can be trained for a supervisory role. 

Future Goals & Expectations

  • For the next quarter, the employee needs to include cold-calling in her job duties. She is expected to cold call 20 prospects every working day for this quarter.

  • The employee needs to add $5000 to the revenue by the end of this quarter.

Additional comments

  • The employee is concerned about updating her knowledge on the recent product rollout. So, she will be allotted time for training and upskilling this quarter.

Other Types of 1:1 Performance Reviews 

You can use the quarterly review template for other one-on-one performance reviews. Although, you may have to make slight changes to the review template. Here are some other reviews for which this template can be used:

  • 30-60-90 day performance review

This review is used to evaluate the performance of new hires. It elaborates the employee's performance metrics, goals, and priorities at one-month intervals for their first 90 days in a new job.

The 30-60-90 day plan is also employed by managers and other executives to assess their performance against specific targets.

  • Mid-year review

It is an evaluation carried out every six months and allows the managers to check in on the employee's progress and provide feedback on accomplishments and areas of improvement.

  • Annual performance review

In this yearly review, the manager summarizes the employee’s performance across the year, offers constructive feedback for developing skills, and focuses on goal setting. 

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