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Sales One on One Meeting Agenda Template

Use the template to efficiently identify pressing deals and develop plans to help your sales rep move deals forward.

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Sales Metrics

Review and analyze important sales data with the sales rep.

  • New customer:

  • Sales revenue:

  • Profit/loss:

  • ...

Pipeline Review

Go through the sales progress since the previous week to identify risks, opportunities, and action items.

1. Deals at risk

  • Risk 1

  • ...

2. Deals that have progressed

  • Progress 1

  • ...

3. Closed Deals

  • Closed deal 1

  • ...

4. New opportunities

  • Opportunity 1

  • ...


Use the data to determine the most pressing deals.

Strategy & Solutions

Discuss the strategy and solutions to progress the deals down the pipeline.

Next Steps

  • [ ] Action item 1

  • [ ] ...

About this template:

Review key sales metrics with the sales rep first. Go through the pipeline to prioritize the deals that are at risk. Dive deep into the data and an overall pipeline helps with your sales forecast. You can get a bigger picture and adjust the current tactics timely. Plan out detailed action items to prevent any deals from falling through the cracks.

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Key Wins

Sales Team Meeting Agenda
A well-crafted meeting agenda ensures the session stays organized, on topic, and on time. Use this free template to run effective sales team meetings that drive great results.
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