Airgram joins Notta: one integrated solution for AI meeting notes and transcription
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Improve retention and boost up sells with increasing user satisfaction

Deliver true value out of your service or product to more customers effortlessly.

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Facilitate the onboarding process

Help customers adopt the product more quickly. Keep the customer call running smoothly with live transcription. Speaker detection helps identify who speaks what. Detect potential action items from the transcript in real time. Leave the manual note-taking work to your multilingual AI assistant.

Customers can solve problems independently by watching video recordings. You can follow up on more customers to accelerate your business.

Google Meet Transcript

Level up your CRM workflow

In tracking customers' data, Airgram serves as a flexible right hand. Besides using Salesforce, Hubspot, or Pipedrive, you can get rich meeting information as a great addition while connecting with customers - transcript, video recording, timestamped notes, AI entity extraction.

Gain a deeper understanding of high-value customers for better customer engagement and sales.

Google Meet Collaborative Notes

Make a bigger contribution to the customer success strategy

Enhance existing support documentation and sales activities for your team. Share your meeting records via Slack, Notion, or export them as Word, Google Docs. So your team can learn and analyze customer feedback to improve their work.

Make customers happier to reinforce your team’s customer success strategy. Effectively reduce churn and renew more contracts.

Better customer calls, happier customers, and more renewals

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