Airgram joins Notta: one integrated solution for AI meeting notes and transcription
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Maximize your learning potential by reducing repetitive work

Keep your focus on new ideas and let us handle the catching-up

Use Case Team

Automation makes sure you never fall behind schedule again

Check assignment due dates and calendar events. Prepare questions and talking points beforehand. Have the AI assistant join all your meetings on time automatically.

Google Meet Transcript

Free your hands and mind from multitasking during lectures

Take notes together with your class. Drag and drop the professors’ speech directly onto your notepad. Integrate your notes into your favorite digital notebook with one click.

  • 🔹 Supported integrations: Google Docs, Notion, Slack and Microsoft Word
  • 🔹 Export transcript with timestamps and speakers
  • 🔹 Create clips by highlighting paragraphs in transcripts
Google Meet Collaborative Notes

Work harder, use your time smarter

Listen only to selected speakers throughout the recording. Identify the most important messages using AI. Skip silence and jump right to the meat of the conversation.

  • 🔹 Locate important messages with automated entity extraction
  • 🔹 Find precise content in all recording archives instantly with global search
Google Meet Collaborative Notes

Amplify individual strength to gain powerful group results

Discuss with your group members how to assign different roles. Clarify group project responsibilities with action items. Collect and aggregate individual pieces before deadlines.

We offer a special discount for students & non-profit organizations.

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