Airgram joins Notta: one integrated solution for AI meeting notes and transcription
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Speed up your hiring process with more in-depth interviews

Streamline remote recruiting workflow - schedule more efficiently, run interviews more smoothly and follow up with candidates more effortlessly.

Use Case Team

Remove the friction of bulk scheduling

Schedule remote interviews with potential hires efficiently. Pick the perfect time slot for both interviewers and interviewees. No more back and forth.

Share the interview agenda as well as important notice beforehand. Keep potential hires informed of job requirements thus to get fully prepared. Candidates are free to co-edit the agenda, sharing what's on their mind.

Google Meet Transcript

Conduct in-depth interviews, focus on potentials of candidates

Forget about jotting down everything manually while conducting an interview. Focus on the candidate's response, reasoning, and details that truly matter. Let Airgram take care of the recording and transcription of Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams interviews.

Besides, the following features can help you highlight key points more effectively:

  • 🔹 Timestamped notes
  • 🔹 Drag & drop transcript text to Notepad
  • 🔹 AI-powered entity extraction
  • 🔹 Auto-detect action items
Google Meet Collaborative Notes

Brief candidates evaluation to stakeholders, make informed hiring decisions

After an interview, play back the video recording at different speeds, select to listen to candidate’s remarks specifically, search and find key points.

Share insights to hiring stakeholders via Slack, Notion, or export them to Microsoft Word, Google Docs. Foster hiring transparency across the organization.

The valuable interview database with timestamped notes, HD video recordings, transcript - enables your team to make the most informative and concrete hiring decisions.

Better recruitment interviews lead to better hires.

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