Airgram joins Notta: one integrated solution for AI meeting notes and transcription
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Turn prospects into customers more effectively

Connect, demonstrate and convert - let Airgram reduce all the required manual work.

Use Case Team

Build a connection with leads quickly

Connect with your leads with the help of one-click recording an instant Zoom call. Or auto join Zoom calls with an AI assistant. Focus more on listening and thinking instead of scribbling notes.

Review all the details during the pitching process thoroughly by utilizing downloadable HD video recordings.

Google Meet Transcript

Less hassle of presenting your product to leads

Whether giving a presentation or demonstration of your products, real-time transcription with speaker’s detection helps you engage with your leads wholeheartedly.

Google Meet Collaborative Notes

Convert prospects into customers with less effort

Facilitate sales process to seal more deals. AI assistant extracts all entity words such as price, number, date, names, etc. Locating different quotes or proposals becomes such a breeze.

Higher efficiency at extracting key information significantly pushes the conversion process ahead.

Help your sales team facilitate their work during the connecting, pitching, and closing process

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