Airgram joins Notta: one integrated solution for AI meeting notes and transcription
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Have a clear, efficient meeting to align the team on the ultimate goal

Whether it’s a decision-making meeting or a brainstorming, your team will benefit.

Use Case Team

Ensure team alignment before the discussion

Create agenda with pre-built templates to spark active and structured discussion. Start the call with a default agenda timer for each crucial talking point.

Google Meet Transcript

Better concentration without manual operation

A multilingual AI assistant records and transcribes Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams calls. Increase concentration on the actual discussion with the help of:

  • 🔹 Real-time transcription
  • 🔹 Auto join Zoom calls
  • 🔹 One-click recording instant Zoom calls

Listen to different speakers separately after the call. Remove the blocks of inefficiency and distractions.

Google Meet Collaborative Notes

Get clear on action items

Assign the tasks to specific individuals with due dates so that everyone can contribute to achieving the ultimate goal. Track action items in one place. Make sure all tasks are completed on time.

Google Meet Collaborative Notes

Create clips, share meeting notes

Create clips to extract key highlights. Share them with colleagues to keep everyone updated on important meetings.

Share meeting notes via Slack, Notion, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word. Download the video recording when necessary.

The circulation of all types of meeting notes forms a shared database. Your teammates can organize their own knowledge base with the retained information.

Bring energy, focus, and alignment to your team meetings

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