Airgram joins Notta: one integrated solution for AI meeting notes and transcription
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Build better products with true user insights

Collect, analyze and demonstrate actionable data to stakeholders more effectively.

Use Case Team

Keep the user interview running more smoothly

Conduct efficient online user interviews. AI note-taker records and transcribes the audio in real time, allowing you to listen to your users attentively.

Never forget to record any vital interviews via auto joining Zoom calls. Multilingual AI assistant automatically joins all or particular scheduled meetings on time.

Google Meet Transcript

Boost the efficiency of data analysis with accuracy

Quickly get an accurate record of the interview for the analysis process. Play back the video recording at different speeds. Listen to participants’ remarks separately.

Take the highlights out of a lengthy transcript in seconds by utilizing:

  • 🔹 Timestamped notes
  • 🔹 Export transcript with speaker identification
  • 🔹 AI-powered entity extraction
  • 🔹 Find and replace
Google Meet Collaborative Notes

Easily communicate your insights to stakeholders

Present the core insights and actionable next steps to the stakeholders. Various types of meeting information - transcript, notes, video recordings, and AI entity extraction - enable you to run a well-organized online presentation.

Share all the critical points with product managers, designers, developers, marketers via Slack, Notion, or export them to Microsoft Word, Google Docs. Foster transparency across the organization.

Better user research leads to better product.

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